Estelle SO

Visual & NFT Artist
Based in France & South Korea

Visual Artist based in France & South Korea

Member of the Maison des Artistes de France

Estelle SO was born in South Korea and lives and works in France . She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, a Bachelor of Arts & Cultural Management Degree and a Master of Education. She has shown her artwork in numerous group and solo exhibitions in France, Korea, Japan, USA, etc. 

She started with traditional art in South Korea and transitioned into contemporary art in France. With her paintings, she strives to narrate stories about happiness, wish, hope, and stories such as fairy tales, myths, and folk tales of various cultures as illustrated in her characters. Her primary subjects involve various stories and Korean traditional art.

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2022. 05. 11 – 31 Chaekgeori – Solo Show (Seoul Art Museum A & B, Cryptovoxels)


2022. 05. Family Month Exhibition ( Aeries Gallery, Spatial.io)


2022. 05. FigureGlyphs – SearchLight (SearchLight Atelier & Gallery in Cryptovoxels)



2022. 06. 13 ~ IRON VELVET (New York, USA)

2022. 06. 20~23 NFTNYC (New York, USA)

2022. 06.07~07.08 La beauté (Maison des Associations, Toulouse, France)

2022. 11. Art3F (Bordeaux, France)

2023. 01. Art3F (Paris, France)

2023. 02. Art3F (Toulouse, France)

2023. 09. Chaekgeori and Korean Art -solo show (Castanet-Tolosan, France)


2022. 04. AMSAR Fest. Museumplein (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

2022. 04. Punkism, IHAM Gallery (Paris, France)

2022. 04. Korean Artist in Spatial Park (K-Heritage Tessellate Gallery, Spatial)


2022. 03. Global NFT Creators Exhibition (spatial.io) https://spatial.io/rooms/6219929dea2f7f0001d2c5de?share=432544953771531212

2022. 02. Art3f 2022 Toulouse, Parc des Expositions (Toulouse, France)

2021. 12. Maison de NOEL, IHAM Gallery, (Paris, France)

2021. 11. Metamorphosis, Space776, (New York, US)

2021. 10. Estelle SO Solo Exhibition, Galerie Fonderie (Toulouse, France)

2021. 09. Hallyu Korean Artists Group Exhibition, Salle Mermoz / Galerie Le BoCAL, (Toulouse, France)

2021. 09. Alice in Cypherland, Culture Lab, (New York, US)

2021. 07-08 NFT ART WEEK, Neal Digital Gallery (Beijing, China)

2021. 07. CRYPTO Art Week Asia (Chicago, US/Hong Kong)

2021. 06. Trois Histoire de… , Galerie Le BoCAL (Toulouse, France)

2021. 05. NFT Villa, Kote & Hamilton Villa (Seoul, Korea)

2020. 11. Gangnam Design Week, Kolamp Showroom (Seoul, South Korea)

2019. 06. K-MINAF, SETEC (Seoul, South Korea)

2019. 05. In search of Happiness, BELLE SALLE ROPPONGI (Tokyo, Japan)

2019. 04. Rêves d’artistes, Centre des Congrès du Dôme (Carcassone, France), etc.

and 3 solo exhibitions, many group exhibitions and art fairs